This picture is one that I never thought would or could happen. The beautiful woman in the picture is my Grandmother, my Nana, in January she just celebrated her 97th birthday.

As many of you know the beautiful baby is mine, she is Nana's great grandchild and carries her namesake, Margaret Mary. We decided that it was appropriate and good to name such a child after a strong woman who spent her life caring for others, a long life with much love.

Nana, please know that you have greatly affected my life, the way I act on a daily basis, my honesty and desire to serve are all traits that I learned from you. Know that I love you and am honored to name a child of mine after you.

Maggie, please know that you are named after one of the strongest women I know. She is a true follower of Christ and believes in the Golden Rule. Spend your youth serving others and you will find that in your later years you will have someone to love you. Love the Lord and he will not let you down.

-A Grandson and a Father
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