The day to day...

For some people it is easy to make a change for the positive or negative with a single decision or action. I believe that for the rest of us our destinies are brought forth by a gradual day to day effort or lack of effort.

I have recently been able to get to know a young man very well, he is 19 years old. When we first got to know him he had a plethora of bad habits. No work ethic, was not true to his word, didn't see the value of controlling his behavior with girls he was dating. Through that, I could see that at his core he desired to be a good person and do the right thing. He just was never given the structure and the consistent example to follow to do it.

At this point after a year of much hard work and effort on his part he is over the worst of his habits. He has begun to understand the value of hard work, keeping your word and chastity. I am pleased with him and I believe the Lord is also pleased at his progress.

Yet I still have much concern that if the wrong people are involved in his life that he will bounce back to his old self. This concern is real, just like an alcoholic can't take one drink and stop, he may not be able to slip a little and stop the slide back into what he was.

So we have two options, for a man like this would it be better to serve a mission for the church? Or to join the military? Both options are service, one to God, one to country. I believe that he is still in need of much polishing and am concerned that his still poor study habits will hurt his missionary work. Now naturally this decision isn't mine to make but I do have a lot of influence in the matter.

Please comment, I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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