October Happenings

Well its been about a month since my last posting, lots of stuff is happening. Erica has been dealing with the challenge of preterm labor, so we now have her on a turbuteline pump, this nifty little device gives her a regular dose of medicine to control her contractions, good stuff. Of course it has to be the last pregnancy that we have a Doctor who cares enough to really help manage things... Not 7 pregnancies ago....

Erica let them carve their own pumpkins, and I am really impressed with the results. The pictures are a little blurry, (my lack of understanding of night time picture taking...)

Halloween was a great holiday for the family this year, Erica even took the pumpkin seeds and roasted them. The kids really enjoyed the day. For a long while I was very against Halloween, mostly due to what it has become in the world, but this year was great for the kids they had a blast.

(Click for additional Halloween Photos)

We are sending 4 or 5 of the kids (haven't quite decided yet...) to their Aunt in Indiana for 4 weeks, to give Erica an opportunity to rest. My dad has graciously offered to give up most of his week off to drive them to IN. Thanks Dad!

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  1. My GOODNESS! Those pumpkins are better than any I carved! WOW!