January Updates (Due to popular demand.)

Actually I wrote a nice detailed update a week ago, but when I attempted to publish it the system lost it. So here is another attempt.

Let's start with Abigail, she is growing, those cute little pitiful pre-mee cries she had are now much louder and less cute. She is over 6 lbs, and judging by how fast her eyes are getting lighter she may have very light eyes like her big brother Gabriel.

Maggie, 1, is a sweetheart. She just turned 1 and thinks she is one of the big kids. She loves Abbie, she shows it by whacking her on the face if we leave her on the floor. (Seriously we think she is just excited to have her here...) She also gives her kisses.

Hannah, 2, is my princess, while mom was in the hospital we spent a good month together and let me tell you, she really has a lot of personality. And for some bizarre reason she talks with a "Bostonian" accent. She is very clever, probably not as cute as I think, but I'm her daddy and she's pretty much got me wrapped around her finger.

Gabriel, 4, is a super boy! He really aims to please both Erica and I. He has a magnetic personality and his eyes are beautiful. My biggest concerns for him are how much trouble he may get into when he notices girls... or they notice him...

Malachi, 5, is a ham. He loves to pretend to be a super hero, sometimes the run of the mill ones, other times he makes up a new one. We are working intensively with him now to teach him how to read. He is really interested in history and science, and wants to become a scientist, I told him that the first step in that is to learn to read. I also got him a Marvel superheros poster that I promised him I would frame and put in his bedroom when he has learned how to read. He is great.

Ammon is 7 and getting baptized this year, in September (If anyone has a free weekend we would love to have you, I think it will be on the 20th.) I am really pleased that we are hitting this milestone. He is my first son born in the covenant and first to eventually get the Priesthood from his father. This is a big deal to me. We have found that he seems to have a knack for painting and art work. As you might be able to see in the picture he is missing several teeth, luckily it seems that all of his adult teeth are coming in to replace them.

Sarah, 9, is a beautiful girl. She loves to be pretty and dress up. We are working with her in all of the subjects, she is so loving and so affectionate, I can't believe she is 1/2 way to adulthood. It looks like I may be a grandpa at 40 (Shiloh you're about in the same boat...). I am excited for both of my girls, the next several years can be wonderful for them, I hope they are!

Rose, 9, is our responsible girl, beautiful and smart. Very typical first born personality traits. She will make her way in the world and will do very well. She is very practical and does things to please mom and dad. She has a wonderful singing voice, I look forward to hearing her develop it over the next few years.

Erica and I are also doing well, I need to loose some weight (Yea, perhaps now that we are done reproducing I can take a little time to care for myself). We are very happy overall, we purchased an '07 Ford E350 12 passenger van about a month ago. I am pleased with that, as our old van was short 2 seats and didn't have AC, that was horrible in the 100+ degree days in AZ. Our Ward is great, we are the largest family in the unit, (When did that happen???) Erica was just called as the Magazine Rep, I think they are afraid to call me to anything due to my large family, (I'm working in setting them straight.)

My job is good, working for a small IT firm, itSynergy, the owner is the most ethical person I have ever worked for and is really a good man. I am thrilled to be part of a growing organization that is really dynamic and honest.

I have heard whispers of the desire to attempt a "Brazil Branch Youth" reunion again this summer. I know a few of you have just moved, so money might be tight (TRUST ME. I UNDERSTAND.) Email me if you have some feedback on that, my best month is July, as I will be headed east for my wife's family reunion, we can do our reunion before or after. Email me if you want to discuss, if their is any real interest I will setup a private blog as a message board for us to share our ideas. My email: john dot leschorn at gmail dot com (It's spelled out to minimize spam.)

From a selfish standpoint I would LOVE to see all of you again. Looking back I really miss my friends from long ago, I owe all of you gratitude and thanks for loving me and showing me the Gospel, and especially for not judging me (too harshly) when I have screwed up (over and over again...). And I would love for our kids to meet eachother and get to know eachother better. We could even have the reunion in the TH area if that is easier for everyone. (I know Cunninghams and Shields have family out there as do I.)


  1. Thank you for the family update and picture! You have a beautiful family. And I totally know where you're coming from with that whole having the largest family in the ward thing. So do we now, and we only have 6 kids. I guess I need to take my own admonishing to heart and update my blog with some happy news and pictures now that all is well.

  2. Thank you for the update and pictures of your beautiful family. I really hope the reunion thing comes together as sometimes I feel like the "mom" to the whole bunch of you!

  3. John you kidos are gitting big! Tell them to stop growing up so dang fast. I don't feel old yet but if they keep this up I soon will. :)

  4. I can't wait to actually get to meet your family in the summer! It's going to be so fantastic!