A fresh look.

For those of you who have been reading my blog you may have noticed that I have been going through a bit of an identity crisis, changing colors and styles.
I like the dark look, but found this template and I think it will stick, the whole lighthouse idea really resonates with me.


  1. Bleh! Put it back! I don't like it!

  2. Okay "son" (because you are one of MY boys and always will be , even if I do have to share you with your mom and Sharon!) I know my opinion doesn't count for much, but I really like the light background and the lighthouse. It brings to mind so many good things and I could use a little "bright & shiney" after the dark, cloudy winter we have been having.
    I like the memories too. It makes me smile to recall them. Hope to see you this summer.

  3. CindyMom,

    You can call me son all you want, I owe a lot to your example of service and selfless charity and love. I am honored that you think so much of me.

    Love you son in spirit,


  4. I like bright things! It's different than everyone elses.