Heavenly Father's Little Miracles

I know that we all think of the obvious miracles that the Lord provides for us every once in a while. You know the type... The ones that people use as examples in testimony meetings. I was doing some thinking durring sacrement this morning. There were so many people that were openly thankful for the obvious blessing that the Lord has given them. Well, I don't discount those at all. I know that our family has been truly blessed like that several times over the past several months. And Yet... I found myself counting the "tiny blessings" that had occured in our family over the previous 24 hours.
These were the tiny things... Like the little classmate of Ammon's calling and asking if he could play just when I had been praying for my boys to have some real social interaction with other boys... Or the perfect weather that allowed us to sit out in our side yard throwing the ball for our dog while watching the kids play (some in bare feet)... Or the fact that we were able to get caught up on an entire unit of Art in one day... A bigger brother shared his very favorite toy with a younger one (with no prompting)... Or that my MIL came over just to help fold laundry and then treated me and my older girls to lunch... Or that we made it to the post office before it closed so that I could mail that oh-so-important tax form... Or the fact that we made it to church on time!!!!
I could not count of all of the amazing things that our Heavenly Father had given us in past 24 hours! Could you immagine trying to keep track of all of theose blessings for a whole week?


  1. I understand about little miracles. To be honest the last week has been somewhat tender and emotional for me. And I've had much time to reflect on the tiny, seemingly minor miracles in my life. I'm glad that you appreciate them in your life as well. (Especially your perfect weather. Enjoy that. Some of us haven't seen the ground or felt the sunshine in months.)

  2. It is the little miracles that bring the most contentment in life I think. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. You continue to impress me with both your patience and your insight. Thanks.