In Loving Memory of Margaret Mary Palermo

Nana passed away this morning at about 7am. While I am sad that she is gone and I miss her. I can't help but be joyful in my heart that she is now in Paradise, meeting up with our family already passed. The reunion must be joyus, much like the joy we feel when a new child comes into our mortal world.

To the woman...

...who drilled me in my multiplication tables until I got them right.
...who I loved to play cards with on Saturday mornings.
...who I told that I was going to get married first.
...who loved my wife like her own granddaughter.
...who I shared my new faith with first.
...who shared my love for Jesus Christ.
...who loved me unconditionally......

I love you and adieu.

Your Grandson,



  1. I'm sorry for your loss, but glad that you've got such a beautiful perspective on the whole thing. That's part of what makes the Gospel such a wonderful blessing, don't you think?

  2. Huh, that's funny. My Grandpa Bill died on May 6, three years ago. I just noticed the date on this post.

  3. Yes, it really changes things. What I was pleased with is that I had several opportunities lead my family in prayer and share pieces of the Gospel with them. It was good. I miss nana, but I don't mourn her loss, there is no reason too.