I'm not entirely sure what to post today. Life has been very challenging as of late, my family has relocated to Indiana and only has a home due to the kindness of Erica's Sister and Brother-in-law, I have taken a 60% paycut and am drawing gov't benefits while I regroup and attempt to figure out what to do to get back on my feet.

To say that I am not happy with that portion of my situation is an understatement.

To balance this I do want to say that I am thankful for my family and especially my Wife. She has been an anchor in all of this, doing her best to take care of the children and provide a proper education for them.

I have taken a lesson from this that you need to prepare in the good times for the bad, I did not do enough of this prior to this point and needless to say I have learned my lesson.

So in an effort to prepare for the next upswing I am working on my education, the same technical certification path that I have been on for years, this time I want to take it to the top, Microsoft has a Masters Program for career IT professionals, I am working towards earning the money, $20k for it and getting the technical requirements lined out. If you would like more info about this career transforming program, click this sentence. If you have any interest in sponsoring me on a financial basis for it, please email me privately.

To all of my friends and family. Please take my post as a warning to be prepared, start by putting some money in the bank in an emergency fund at least $1000, then pay off your debts, increase your emergency fund, do not go into debt again. Debt is slavery and we don't need it.

Hope to hear from you soon!



  1. Good to hear from you John and good luck with the education route! Pay cuts stink, lay-off stink, debt REALLY stinks!, I hear ya!

  2. Good to hear you're still out there. I've been worried about you. Write me sometime so we can chat.

  3. You are on the right course. Never give up. Have faith.