Well Pleased.

I usually post about politics, but today that will not be so...

As some of you may know, the last couple of years has been tough on my family. I lost my job in AZ, moved back to Indiana, thanks to the kindness of Erica's Sister and Brother-in-law had a place to land. This was very tough for us. I am thankful that I was able to maintain employment throughout this, initially not immensely "gainful" but since I have obtained a solid position with a 90+ year old company. But that is not why I am writing this post...

I want to write about my wonderful children, they have taken this entire roller coaster ride in stride. They have adapted to sharing bedrooms with cousins, sharing beds when necessary, living by someone elses rules, even if they are confusing and new and sometimes hard to understand, They have been willing and joyful participants in sacrificing what has needed to be sacrificed and doing what needed to be done. For them I am well pleased, to God I am grateful.

A new chapter has begun in our lives, Erica and I closed on a home a few weeks ago. It's an old house in the country on 4 acres. We got it dirt cheap, with that it needs a ton of work, we should be able to handle about 90% of it ourselves, but we are talking in the tens of thousands of dollars range. The previous owner has not yet removed their "stuff" and we need to start the work to prepare the children's bedrooms. So yesterday Erica and I went to the house to move all of the remaining stuff downstairs and get the space ready for a complete demo and remodel. Once again, my kids were up to the task, Rose and Sarah took turns helping out upstairs and keeping the babies, everyone participated in moving stuff downstairs, sweeping, cleaning-up and doing what needed to be done. Not one complaint, in fact one of the kids, I believe it was Gabriel said that "It is great that we are all working on this together!" My children exemplify what I believe it is to be a Leschorn, we are a family that does not fear hard work and takes joy in the process of reaching for our goals, a family with the help of the Almighty can overcome huge obstacles and strenghten our bonds with our Maker and eachother in the process.

My quiver is indeed full and I am a blessed man. Praise to our God, our Heavenly Father. In Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. hello. . I read a little about your family on 'life with 8 children. .'
    i don't mean to offend you, but, you ppl are really great. . Managing with 8 children !!
    And you're not even in 40's. . . Great !!
    May be that would be common there, but, you won't believe, my physics teacher, few days before, disclosed the news of their newly born. And everybody was like.. .Shocked. . That was their 4th one.

    but, i wish for all the best for your family n could you pls give your little cutie pie, Abbie, a googly woogly woosh on her cheeks on my acc. She is soooo cute !! :)

  2. No offense at all, thanks for the comment! We enjoy posting about our family lives and kids, we are very proud of them and hope that others can get a good laugh and enjoy reading our posts.

  3. Congrats on the new house!! We'll come visit once you're all settled :) Sorry I can't loan you Will to help with some of the manual labor you'll need. Wish I could've seen your kids on our latest visit, but glad you and Will got to catch up! :)

  4. Umm... Steph, I am all for you comming for a visit but if I remember correctly you were sick for two weeks after spending a night with April and she only had one cat. We have chinchillas, a bird, cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses. Maybe we'd be better off to meet some where. LOL! Sure miss you though.