November/December 2011

Friends and family, it's been almost a year since my last post.  It seems that Facebook has taken away much of my 'need' to update the blog.  I am going to try to post a bit more often, as my Facebook posts are a more transient and temporary, the blog posts stay accessible forever.

Family Update - We are all doing well, Malachi was baptized earlier this year, a bit late, since we did not feel like we had a Church home in TH we waited until we moved to our new home.  Gabriel will be baptized in the next several weeks.  Erica is YW president in our little branch, I am Cub Scouts leader, good stuff!  Rose is doing well coming along in her schoolwork.  Sarah is rapidly developing her illustration skills.  Ammon, Malachi and Gabriel are learning what it really means to work hard, carrying wood, helping with real chores...  Hannah has been demoted from Princess to Dutchess (Yes we had to demote her, she was taking the princess thing to seriously...).  Maggie and Abbie are super cute, Maggie's hair is growing back well from her head shaving incident, Abbie is growing like a weed.

House Update - Well, I had big plans for the house and still do, but things are going slower then I'd hoped, having stated that, we have done alot, replace the outside doors and two windows on the main floor, I replaced all of the plumbing (including the drain lines) and the bathroom, we have finally started seriously insulating the attic and are putting up drywall, running new electricity and recessed lighting.  Hope to complete that work before the end of Thanksgiving weekend.  We have also painted the kitchen and put up a new ceiling fan.  On the outside we have done alot, cleared the yard of the huge weeds, cleared back the woods quite a bit, made a path to the future back pasture, starting a permenent fence in the lower pasture, hope to finish the first leg before the ground freezes we have also started a pole barn that is going to initially serve as a horse run-in.

So, we've been busy bees!  I'm hoping to start to 'finish' some of this work over the next weeks, we will see...

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