I love my job, former co-worker, not so much.

Yesterday was a normal day, got up at about 5:30am, took a shower, braved the westside traffic in Phoenix, AZ. I was running a bit late to our weekly engineering meeting, so I stressed about that, nevertheless I made it without any major problems.

We start the meeting and my boss, announces that one of my co-workers has left, no warning, no notice. We discussed the issue and he stated that he had been talking to this individual over the last few weeks and he continuously asked him what he could do to make sure he was happy at the company.

I've worked for alot of organizations, this is the first where the President of the company truly sees his employees as valuable resources and wants to make things work well for them.

We are a small team, a person leaving like this really hurts our day to day operations. I will say that I have lost all respect for this individual. What kills me even more is that he was a former Marine. This is not in character.

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