Quickly, Efficiently, Now.

I am a VERY organized person, in fact it is very frustrating to me not to have my house in order. I like things to be clean for many reasons.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I decided I had enough, My wife and I sat our kids down for a family meeting. My wife and I spoke to each of them, we came up with a motto, based on the concept of once you start a task do it quickly, work smart and do it right for efficiency and get started on it right away. or Quickly, Efficiently, Now. The kids seemed to get that.

My nephew made a comment this morning that it's funny that we have to come up with these things like we are a company with employees. That made me think, in larger families every one's contribution has a big effect on the health of the family as a whole. A big part of my job is to oil the machine and teach all of my children responsibility and to complete the tasks they are given.

I will say this, I am enjoying this experience as a father, I love my kids and hope they all learn good things from me as their dad. If any of you have an thoughts on the matter, please share them with me, I am always looking for feedback to improve my family life.

Quickly, Efficiently, Now!

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