A (not so) brief history of me, John Leschorn... (Part 2)

I read my history, and I thought that this wouldn't pass as a biographical history, as I am only really writing about choices that have affected my life. But then again, what else matters. I mean I could write about all of my jobs heck even the video games that I played at each step of the game. But to me I believe we will all be judged by our choices for good or evil. I also think that satisfaction in life is very much dependent on the relationships we have and keep with our "soul mates", perhaps I am using the word incorrectly, but I think of a soul mate as a person who I will be friends with now 10 years from now, 50 years from now and into the eternities. In writing this blog I have mostly been journaling, didn't expect to have an audience, besides a few family members. But what I have found out is that my good old friends still want to know what is going on in my life, you know who you are, my soul mates.... I love you all.

So without further delay, here is a continued history...

The time between my fall and my Baptism was a whirlwind. I continued in Seminary, also took part in Clay Community Theatre (I have the pics, hope to scan and post soon...), continued in school. I started a business, internet service for Rockville, IN, played DnD with my buddies, and dated dated Cali and Shiloh in rotation (something about not dating the same young man twice in a row...)

So for the time of my baptism...

Well as I have previously written I investigated the Church for two years before I was was able to get baptized, my dad was not the issue, he really didn't seem to have an opinion on the matter. (Something about the fact that he saw aliens in Vietnam, really, and that if that is the case he isn't so sure about God...) My mom blocked it each time I asked, and did I ask and push and pry and ask and push and pry... We had several false starts and it just didn't happen. Finally in October of 1996 my Mom prayed about it, (FINALLY), low and behold she had her answer and let me get baptized. So things were put in motion and a few weeks later I was baptized, the whole Brazil Branch was present, my parents and my friends. It was very exciting, as I think about that day, I remember the feelings of love and the testimony of the Holy Ghost and of all of those who played a role. I remember when Daryl Cunningham conferred the Holy Ghost on me and the feelings I had at that time. My life was changed.

Wow, feels like an eternity ago, but at the same time, it could have been yesterday!

I think I will pause at that note, good night, more will come later...

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