What is her name?
How long have you been together?
Well we just had our 11th Anniversary.
How long did you date?
eheh, about a week... (just joking) About 3 months.
Who said I love you first?
Who is taller?
Who can sing better?
Who is smarter?
The jury's out...
Who does the laundry?
No one. (The piles are taller than I am...)
Who pays the bills?
Still trying to figure that one out.
Who mows the lawn?
We live in a deseret, what's a lawn?
Who cooks dinner?
Whoever looses the coin toss.
Who is more stubborn?
I think I am.
Who kissed whom first?
I kissed her, I'm such a playboy.
Who asked whom out first?
Erica asked me on a date to Turkey Run (I sense a theme here... Note: no cliff falling occured during this visit, we stay off of trail 3.)
Who proposed?
I did.
Who has more friends?
Me (Sadly)
Who is more sensitive?
My wife and I are arguing about this and she hurt my feelings, but she is crying, so the jury's out.
Who has more siblings?
She does (we think..)
Who wears the pants?
The kids. Too bad no one washes them....


  1. Glad you didn't fall off the cliff again. Once was enough thank you very much!

  2. between the laundry, bills, and kids it sounds like our house