Workin' Hard

Well, it's been a little while since I last posted. I have been putting in a significant amount of hours at the office. I am working on a pretty big project for the company, so needless to say my home life has suffered a bit. I will say that I am really grateful with the blessings the Lord has given me since I have been married. I can count the times that I have had to work on Sundays on one hand. My wife is a truly dedicated to our family and the rearing of the children. Although money is tight (the forever problem of having a lot of kids) we are doing OK. We eat well every day. My kids are beautiful, creative and smart, we have a great dog even. My parents live close to us and are really good to the kids, my mom takes a couple of kids for an afternoon or so every week and helps with their school lessons. My dad and I are actually spending some time together as adults, I think that perhaps I have finally earned his respect. I have started my family history and discovered that in addition to my German/Italian/Irish heritage I also have some Scottish and English in me. I am a euro-mutt.. Cool.

I also am very excited about our reunion this summer, I look forward to spending a day or so with everyone and give our kids the chance to meet one another, perhaps some new friendships will be planted. I had this nutty idea of having everyone dress up in period dress for a picture in front of the temple, but after discussing it with my wife and thinking about the time/expense of the clothing, I have decided that perhaps a simple group picture would be nice. Thoughts?


  1. I accidentally rejected Cali's Comment.

    Cali Wrote:
    What "period" are you speaking of? Because I don't think I have my 90's clothes anymore. I just don't really wear flannel shirts and clunky boots anymore. ;)

    Seriously I think just a simple group picture would be nice.

  2. Ah.

    Well, I'd still say let's just do a regular plain clothes picture. I think it will be neat to see how we all look now. You know a dozen or so years later.....

  3. We'll need a panoramic lens if we plan to include each of our families....

  4. Definately a panoramic lens or someone with a really good camera so when we have to blow it up to poster size to see all the faces they aren't blurry.

  5. I still have my 90s clothes. I did however have to hide them to prevent my wife from throwing them away. Of course the stuff I wore in the 90s went out of style in the 80s which means they will be cool again some time in the next few years.