A (not so) brief history of me, John Leschorn... (Part 4)

The rest of this is my family life, here are a few summaries of the timeline:

New Job - Working for Terre Haute Internet Services
New Baby - Ammon
New Business - Terre Haute Internet Services
New Job - Indiana Dept. of Corrections - Systems Analyst
New Baby - Malachi
New Job - Indiana Business College
New Home - Move to West Terre Haute
Lost Job - 9/11/2001
New Job/New Job/New Job - Business Advantage Systems and Networks (Rebounding from unemployment)
New Home - Moved back to Rockville
New Baby - Gabriel
New Job - Haverstick Consulting
New Home - Moved to Muncie, IN (What was I thinking?)
New Job - DELTEC Information Systems
New Baby - Hannah
New Business - TekSpecs (Partners and I had different visions)
New Home - Moved to AZ
New Job - BVA, Inc
New Baby - Maggie
New Job - itSynergy
New Home - Moved to Gilbert
New Baby - Abigail

What in the heck have I been doing? The good news is that I have been at itSynergy for over a year and don't plan on making any big changes. Erica, I'm sorry for putting you through all of this. Babies, Jobs and Moves... One thing I have learned about having 8 kids in 10 years, it is much easier to prepare then it is to catch up. (Yeah, we are catching up... Probably will be for the next 10 years...)

That brings us to now.... I want to close with a statement of love for my wife. Erica, the years have been short, we were married as stupid kids out of high school. Everyone wrote us off before we even said "I do", both our friends and families. I want you to know that I would not trade my love for you with anyone for anything. Although we have made many bad decisions and have had to pay the consequences, one good decision we have made has been to stick by eachother since the beginning. I want you to know that I love you and hope that we can have eternity together, I pray that I am found worthy of you in the day of judgement. Love, John


  1. I went back and read all parts. I remember when you were that geeky high school kid. I believe at least part of that time I was in the young women's presidency. Remember, our twister competitions? I will admit I was so disappointed in your decision to marry instead of go on a mission. I really wanted you to experience a mission. Especially being "young" in the gospel. But the choice was yours and it seems it has worked for you. I am happy for you.

  2. John, I know that you feel bad about the roller coaster we call life...But I like the big fast ones a Lot better then the little kiddie ones that are no fun!
    I can't think of any one I'd rather be in the front seat whith, holding on to, while we go down those big hills!
    Love you

  3. Another "booo" from the naysayer....


    But, I will say that at least Erica stuck with YOU!!

  4. I'm glad things have worked out so well for you guys. Lots of love.

  5. Well that's a lot of hills on that roller coaster but as a wise man (or band) once said "all you need is love". It obviously is true and it keeps you happy!:)