100 Not So Random Things About Me and My Progeny

Well guys, you did it, this time I am the follower.

1. What BJ didn't tell you is that just after our Patriarchial blessings we both stayed at the Patriarch's house for a stake conference.
2. I don't ever let BJ forget that I baptized him, as he may be my only ticket to the Celestial Kingdom.
3. I hate the college classroom and because about 90% of college students care more about the next weekend's parties then the next semester.
4. I always wanted a saltwater fishtank, but settled on a freshwater setup.
5. I'm also waiting for the fish to die.
6. My wife doesn't eat enough, so I eat for her.
7. I need to loose 50lbs.
8. I just hurt my back.
9. I am getting a bike this week, hope my back feels better.
10. My superhero persona was "CHIP" a cyborg guy.
11. The personas were actually drawn up by Elder Stone, a missionary who helped teach me the discussions.
12. I didn't choose my persona, but it fits.
13. I married my best friend.
14. She is one of three girls that I ever knew that fit my qualifications for marriage. (I'll bet ya'll wondering what/who they are...)
15. I'm not going to share.
16. I love living in the desert.
17. I love warm winters.
18. I dislike hot summers, but that's what AC is for.
19. I miss my friends, BJ, Cali, Corey, Shiloh, Will. (Note I put this in alphabetical order as not to offend anyone)
20. I'm looking forward to our summer reunion.
21. I've had wild ideas about us all moving back to Brazil, IN to restart the now defunct Brazil Branch.
22. Yes, I know that's silly.
23. Nauvoo will be a blast.
24. I love my kids.
25. I think the world of them.
26. Rose and Sarah will both make the kind of wifes' that would have made my list up above, still working on Hannah, Margaret and Abbey. Their husbands will be lucky men.
27. I've been called "bold" recently by a good friend, had no idea I had that trait.
28. I think perhaps I was more "bold" when this particular friend was around, this individual is good for my self confidence.
29. I still love DnD.
30. I don't play DnD any more.
31. No close social group to play with, too many kids, too little time.
32. Ammon is our super boy, does everything he is told with exactness.
33. Malachi has an awesome imagination.
34. Gabriel is very loving, forgiving and affectionate.
35. My wife loves me.
36. Oh yeah..... I love my wife. (She is reading this over my shoulders right now, just bit me.)
37. She has been a real trooper in the last 11 years.
38. We've moved 13 times. (Insanity)
39. The moves and job changes almost match up with each kid.
40. I have managed to break that habit.
41. I like bike riding. Haven't had a bike for a number of years. Will be fixed, see number 9.
42. I like hiking with my wife and all the kids, and yes we get the looks also...
43. I am learning that living in the "bubble" has unique challenges.
44. Instead of "Baptist Mormons" we have "Gap Mormons"
45. We shop at Walmart and Target and are proud of it.
46. We drive appropriate vehicles for their tasks.
47. I have a small commuter car, good gas milage lots of airbags.
48. My wife has a big Ford van, not so great gas milage, but hey with 8 kids, what else can you ask for...
49. I don't like when people drive Surburbans and Escalades for their 1 child. It's wasteful.
50. I want a jeep when I grow up to...
51. I really don't like when people commute to work in gas guzzling trucks for no reason.
52. My night vision stinks, ask will he's had to guide me out of a few hairy situations.
53. I don't ever need to wear sunglasses.
54. I love swimming.
55. I miss having a pool.
56. We have a neighborhood pool, but I feel guilty about going without my kids.
57. I think I need to worry more about my own health.
58. I'm worried about getting to 100 without boring you to tears.
59. I like to take pictures.
60. I'm a closet photographer.
61. I'm growing tired of computers.
62. I can't believe I am 30.
63. I can't believe I could be a grandparent at 40ish.
64. I'm hoping to retire at 50.
65. That's not terribly likely.
66. More like 60.
67. I'm the only Priesthood holder in my family. (Leschorn Family)
68. I am the oldest Priesthood holder in my immediate extended family, (In-Laws)
69. I've recently taken and interest in working on my family history.
70. I'm Irish/Italian/Scottish/German/French (German and French are debatable, I am from a region that was disputed for centuries by Germany and France, yep, just learned that.)
71. I feared going to my last youth conference.
72. I knew that I would meet and marry a girl at the conference.
73. Rodney convinced me to go.
74. Look what happened.... :)
75. The Cunningham girls never let me lead in dances.
76. It all changed that conference.
77. Cali should have never let me lead, it gave me to much confidence...
78. I ended up meeting and dating my lovely wife.
79. My wife still doesn't let me lead in dances, (Perhaps she is more wise for that.)
80. I don't have any non-wrinkled clothes for work tomorrow.
81. My wife is pondering teaching my 9 year olds to iron. (Scary)
82. I wish Romney stayed in the race, and Huckabee never existed.
83. I wasn't going to vote for Romney b/c he was a Mormon.
84. I was going to vote for Romney b/c he was a temple worthy Mormon.
85. My wife doesn't like 84.
86. My Dad was also pro-Romney, voted for Clinton twice.
87. I can't stand when people polarize issues in politics.
88. Right and wrong are simple, moving the population to the correct mind frame is not.
89. My wife really doesn't like 88.
90. I'm a Reagan Republican.
91. I don't watch TV with my wife.... ever.
92. We have started "blogging" together.
93. We don't have cable.
94. I want the Gov't out of my life and my paycheck.
95. I dislike liberals.
96. I was an Elder when BJ was ordained.
97. Who's first for HP? (Will, BJ or John)
98. I share my Priesthood Lineage with Will.
99. Will Baptized me. (Like you all didn't know that.)
100. I belive in Christ.


  1. I had no idea that you were a closet photographer. Well I guess you can't claim closet anymore we all now know. muhahaha

  2. Nice. I'm glad you played. What a fun little game. ;)

  3. Your list wasn't boring. It made me smile!

  4. In regards to 1: That was a different trip. We went home after my patriarchal blessing, but first we stopped in Spencer at KFC/Taco Bell

  5. In regards to 97. I think Will, John...then see my list for the requirements needed for me to make High Priest. Then include the Church must no longer be true at that point.

  6. I had a hard time getting to 100 also. But I have a real hard time believing you are getting tired of computers.

  7. Also, why do take pictures of closets? That can be very exciting....

  8. My closet is exciting! Of course that is only if you try to negotiate the secret passage way in the dark while someone is on the toilet. Of course I wouldn't want pictures of that?
    Heehee! :-)

  9. You better be brining the panoramic lens to Nauvoo. And nine is old enough to iron, with supervision, just don't let them use bleach in the laundry. (That's the age I was learning laundry and ruined one of my mom's favorite shirts, it was blue, with bleach) I think cali was mom's helper washing clothes for the next few years.

  10. Way to go Shiloh. I am a firm believer that if you mess something up correctly the first time you will not be asked/required to do it again.

  11. I don't know why you titled it "not so random" some of those were pretty random.

  12. I don't know why you titled it "not so random" some of those were pretty random