A turning point.

While I have limited my discussion of political hot issues, this story seemed worth posting:
So, all of the Bush haters and Obama lovers. First I know he made some mistakes, if anything we should have gone into Iraq with 2x the force we did, yeah that's right, 2x. It seems that the tide has finally turned. I hope this lasts and I hope our next president isn't a coward. We need to finish what we started to give the Iraqi people a fighting chance at their own style of democracy. I have nothing but praise for our men in arms who patrol the streets side by side with the Iraqi military. They know that at any minute they should be injured or killed, but they do it to protect the homeland and that is exactly what they are doing.
I sincerely hope that their are good leaders among the Iraqi people who are willing to put the needs of the populous above their own personal gain.

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