Fitness Update Month 2

Wow, it's been a month since I posted.

Well my weight is down to 262. I will admit several obstacles have gotten in the way of me working out as consistently in the last 30 days, but I am still moving forward.

I had a personal training session last Wednesday for the first time. I'm not sure what the exercises are called, but essentially I had to do all sorts of work with a medicine ball. It was a great workout, BUT, it has taken me nearly 4 days for my back to recover, I haven't had any pain until this point. It looks like I am dealing with one of two issues, my old Turkey Run post-prom injury is lurking and/or I worked muscles too hard that haven't been used in over a decade. Personally I think it is both. I hope to exercise tomorrow, we will see if I use my traditional routine or these new exercises. I know that I have to to strengthen my core, but I am not sure how do deal with the back issues. Any advice?

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    (heheh that never gets old) ;)

    Good luck with the exercise.. Trying to get back into shape myself (any shape other than round).. Want a good workout? Put your laptop or workstation on an elevated table or shelf and stand to do your work all day. I went on about a 3 week streak doing this before I got sick and out of the habit, but I could tell by the end of the day I had burned a lot of calories (and those first few days were soooore!! proving how lazy I am)