Frustrations and Second Guessing.

As you all know, I unfortunately had to make the decision to not go to Nauvoo or Indiana this summer, due to various financial issues it simply wasn't reasonable.

I had requested vacation, but cancelled the request as I wasn't going to take two weeks off to sit at home and do nothing.

Friday morning I get a call from my wife at work, Her mom decided last minute to offer to pay for her to go out for the week for the family reunion. I of course approved this, as I feel it is important for my kids to get to spend some time with their cousins.

Unfortunately I could not with no notice take the time off of work. So, here I am alone. My entire family, wife and kids are probably in MO at this point, and I am here.

I'm terribly frustrated with this situation. I will make my peace, but just had to write my thoughts.

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